It is not a coincidence that La Paz means “peace” in Spanish. Many tourists who drive the 1,000 miles from Tijuana on the Baja Peninsula and they get they reward: to La Paz are rewarded with a peaceful city and blissful weather. With only 220,000 inhabitants, and being the region’s commercial and political centercapital of the state of Baja California Sur, La Paz is remains a tranquil, easy-to-love port . It has preserved with a nostalgic and provincial atmosphere that makes you think that little has changed here for decades.

Even though Hernan Cortes visited La Paz back in 1535, this inhospitable land was barely populated until the 19th century.  A Jesuit mission settlement built in 1720 was abandoned 30 years later, having endured Indian revolts, disease and Baja’s harsh environment. There was no permanent settlement here until 1811.

In 1829 La Paz became California’s capital after Loreto was leveled by a hurricane. A strong pearl diving industry kept La Paz going until the 1930s when the oyster beds were destroyed by disease.more